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My Fifth Author Booth

May 10, 2023

Sometimes, plan A isn’t the best option. The goal of any booth, no matter what your product is, is to make booth. What that means is that your net profits (sales minus cost of item) are larger than the fee you pay to attend the event. This booth was with the ever so wonderful and […]

My Fourth Author Booth

March 28, 2023

Still learning every time! This location was a smaller (but still absolutely beautiful) venue and let me tell you – it was PACKED. There were vendors and people (and wine) galore. It was a cool experience. As with the booths before, this one had its own charm and personality. It’s pretty fun getting to know […]

My Third Author Booth

March 14, 2023

The best one yet! I can not write enough about how awesome the people of Sturtevant were. I had never been to this town before and it was fantastic. It even had a cute little bakery, which is a quick way to win me over anywhere. I’ve gotten pretty good at feeling out how the […]