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Beginning My Second Tour

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Kicking off at a personal favorite!

November kicks off the holiday shopping season here, signifies my second round at event spaces I visited earlier this year, AND IS LEGACY ACADEMY’S ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! 🥳🥳🥳

I kicked off the holiday shopping season by returning to Sturtevant, which is a personal favorite of my family.

The crowd was a little different this time, which is always a fun social analysis. I think with the holiday shopping season (and the fact we were 1 of 5 shopping events in the same town), the shoppers were less young families and leaned more towards grandparents, but it was still a great day. We had a ton of foot traffic.

I had quite a few people who knew I was there and came looking for book 2, which was exciting.

Two ladies specifically are the most fun, and I recognized them immediately. They even each got gift baskets, which was super cool.

The journals were a bit of a miss here, though. I sold a few, but generally speaking, people did not have a good grasp of what a reading journal was, and I got some pushback over them. A lot of people defensively gave me the age old, “I don’t have time read.” So we’ll see how they do at the new location on the 18th!

Overall, it was a success. Financially, it was worth it, but really, Sturtevant is about the people and the connections, and it had those in spades this weekend. 💕 My heart felt pretty full, and there’s no price point for that.