My Fifth Author Booth

Sometimes, plan A isn’t the best option.

The goal of any booth, no matter what your product is, is to make booth. What that means is that your net profits (sales minus cost of item) are larger than the fee you pay to attend the event.

This booth was with the ever so wonderful and established Stacy Snow, but it was also a new location. It was the event’s first time back at Lake Geneva in ten years, AND it was a reschedule from a snow storm. 🤯
(Side note that it’s super cool the venue did a reschedule. That is very rare.)
All of this to say the turn out was a bit of a bust. There were less than 150 shoppers total in the course of six hours.

There was also a power outage at Gino’s, so B couldn’t get his pizza either, which was a non event related bummer.

Now, all that plus a 5am wake-up time and 90-minute trip each way sounds like it would add up to a downer of a day, but honestly, I had a fantastic time. My extrovert heart was beaming.

First, I sat next to some GREAT people. You’d be surprised how big of a difference good neighbors can be. Both sides were awesome.
Second, I had my family with me. This was the first booth where we all rode together, and I was nervous how they’d do with an early + long day, but they were great.
Third, we were in a good location for us. My kiddo had space and privacy and quiet, all while I was fully able to do my thing. It was the best.
Fourth, my kiddo was living their best life. They got to look at things they wanted, they got to look at things they didn’t know they wanted, they were able to eat well/successfully, and the big win they truly bonded with one of our table neighbors. My kiddo is not known for their desire to be social or talkative. HOWEVER, they chatted this sweet woman up for 30 minutes or more every time they went over. Probably over 2 hours total. This kind lady made my weekend. I can not stress enough how amazing this all was.

I felt alive. My kiddo felt safe and was off doing cute kiddo things. It was as close to perfect as you could get.

So, while my plan A to meet booth failed, the plan that I didn’t even know was an option was better than I would even ask for. 💕

🙌 Lake Geneva was a win 🏆