My Fourth Author Booth

Still learning every time!

This location was a smaller (but still absolutely beautiful) venue and let me tell you – it was PACKED. There were vendors and people (and wine) galore. It was a cool experience. As with the booths before, this one had its own charm and personality. It’s pretty fun getting to know the vibe of each booth, it’s like meeting new characters in a story. I really enjoy it.

You know another thing I enjoy? Numbers. So let me throw some at you 🙂

  • Booth one had under 200 shoppers.
  • Booth two had 550.
  • Booth three 750.
  • Booth four 550.

Now the second booth was by far my worst seller. It sold less than half of what the others sold. The best-seller, to no surprise, was the one with the most shoppers. Booths one and four tied.

It was interesting to learn that more shoppers doesn’t always mean more sales. Except when it does haha. This process has really been something. I’m so grateful each and every time. So, thank you. Part of the reason why I’m able to do this is because of you!

The fall dates for these booths are out already as well. I’ve decided to do booths three and four again. (So check out those dates!! 🙂 )

I really liked booth one, but I’m worried about the lower number of shoppers. I think part of the reason why I did so well the first time there was because it was my FIRST time ever anywhere. I have noticed even in the four booths I’ve done that there are repeat shoppers.

That’s about all I have for now. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you!