My Third Author Booth

The best one yet!

I can not write enough about how awesome the people of Sturtevant were. I had never been to this town before and it was fantastic. It even had a cute little bakery, which is a quick way to win me over anywhere.

I’ve gotten pretty good at feeling out how the booth is going to go shortly after an event starts. Each location has their own personality. They’re each like their own character, if you will, and that booths
character fit the trope of the best friend.

Now, personally, booth day did NOT start out as planned. My kiddo’s sleep schedule was bonkers, my breakfast plans were thrown, I mixed the rules for this event and another event up when it came to bringing in coffee – so I had nothing in my system, I didn’t have the extra hands we planned for during setup, I forgot my square reader 😭, I forgot MY TABLE 🤦‍♀️, then we were provided tables (🎉) but they were XL and my card table tablecloth was subpar on it, and I struggled filling up the space to make it look like I had enough product. Phew!

I was super grateful I had some experience under my belt and could go with the flow. Mental note, though, prep a bit better for next time.

Also, who wants to guess where the square reader was? Anyone?

If you guessed with the year old fireworks, YOU WIN! 🏆 I’m going to blame that one on my house being turned upside down by new floors and the dryer breaking for funsies last week.

But truly, I felt so grateful for the Sturtevant crowd. They made me feel alive, proud, and relevant. If only every crowd could have such a good vibe. They were so engaging and positive. My extroverted heart was living its best life.

What I learned:

☆ No matter what you prep during the week, check again. And maybe again. Then, the third time is a charm.

What I’d change:

☆ I’m thinking of maybe letting the stickers and photos run out and not replenish them. Do any of you have any thoughts on that?

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