Legacy Academy

A question soon lies ahead of Lena: Should she believe her friends or trust her gut?

Legacy Academy - A YA Fantasy Novel

In this YA mythological fantasy, enter a magical high school created for demigods like Percy Jackson, where naive newcomer Lena bands together with a ragtag group of godly descendants to save forsaken deities and discovers secrets deeper than she could ever imagine.

Lena’s life was exactly how she liked it. She was acing Latin, had a surplus of acquaintances, and was growing up in her childhood home. For the most part, life was uncomplicated and comfortable.

That was until her parents decided to move to the isolated town of Astoria on a moment’s notice. All for what? To attend some gigantic pretentious high school? Even at first glance, Lena knew she wasn’t going to fit in there.

Little does she know how accurate she is. Legacy Academy is an institution for the legacies and descendants of the world’s Gods. Lena, however, seems to be a complete misfit, even among her new friends. Upon discovering a hidden part of the academy, she uncovers more than just an untold past; she finds a silhouette in the dark.

The question lies ahead of Lena for what comes next: To help her friends or trust her gut?