Astoria’s Secret

Is Lena strong enough to protect everything she holds dear?

Astoria's Secret - A YA Fantasy Novel

In this YA mythological fantasy, enter the mysterious town of Astoria, inhabited by demigods like Percy Jackson, where strong-willed Lena Basil’s skills are put to the test as she tries to save not only the place she can finally call home but also the relationships she holds most dear.

The summer has not gone the way Lena had hoped.

Her best friend was ghosting her halfway across the world, her boyfriend was consumed with fulfilling a duty that did not involve her, and more prominent than anything, an annoying “mermaid” was relentless about inserting herself in places she didn’t belong. Though, to be fair, that was basically anywhere in Lena’s opinion.

Lena isn’t sure what else to do, other than to pray to the gods that the start of a new school year will bring about positive changes for them all.

Unfortunately for Lena, her wishes are met but in the most convoluted manner.

Astoria is about to welcome several new visitors.

Are they friends?

Are they foes?

Only time will tell, and the longer the newcomers stay, the more secrets they start to unravel.


A question soon lies ahead of Lena: Should she believe her friends or trust her gut? In this YA mythological fantasy, enter a magical high school created for demigods like Percy Jackson, where naive newcomer Lena bands together with a ragtag group of godly descendants to save forsaken deities and discovers secrets deeper than she […]

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