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Writing The Sequel

Book 2 is written!

The first draft is complete!

May 19th was my final day at my day job. It was bittersweet. The choice was my own, but it was not part of the plan.

I promised myself then that, with my newfound freedom, I would finish writing book 2 in the month of June. However, I was only halfway through chapter 6 at that point, and it had taken many months to get that far.

A month later, June 19th, I had it almost completed. Part of me wanted to finish it on that exact date, but other things in life were more important than a perfect timeline.

The coolest thing, though, is that after only a month in and 11 days still left in the month, I knew I was going to keep my promise to myself.

Trusting myself and honestly, even being nice to myself, are not my strengths, and I was about to get a big win on something that meant the world to me.

🎉 Here we are two days later, and paper baby #2 is fully written. It’s not finished as those dastardly edits are my next hurdle, but the first draft is done, and the second part of Lena’s story has been told.

I am ecstatic!

That means the next step will be editing. It’s my least favorite, but hopefully, first edits will be done by July 21. Fingers crossed!

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