My First Author Booth

And what I learned along the way.

I had my first author booth last Saturday, and it was lots of fun. The event was medium-sized and had a good crowd. A big thanks to Events by Stacy for letting me come along and giving me such an incredible spot.

My big brother was by my side through the whole thing, and to no surprise, it was much needed and appreciated. Doing something new is scary even if you want it, love it, and are excited about it. And, yes, even if you’re an adult. I was very grateful for a reliable and calm helper all day.

What I learned:

  • Booth stuff is HEAVY, and I was so glad we got a dolly.
  • Your setup really matters. I ended up being so happy that I prepped my table earlier and asked for a lot of feedback before the big day.
  • You want to say hi to everyone, but also need to be patient while they wait to respond. Booth interactions are a lot different than normal social interactions. I’m still learning all the nuances, but I felt prepared thanks to my support network. (Cassie and Terri, you ladies are fabulous 💕)
  • Keep on smiling. I know we all hate that, “you should smile more” line, but in this case, it’s true. People have a wide array of reactions when they see something new, and you have to roll with it with positivity and encouragement.
  • New things are new. They may not be a hit, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t work. Our selfie station is not the norm. An author selling their own book at a vendor fair is not the norm. Legacy Academy is just over 2 months old. Our booth has a whole lot of new.
  • Lastly, people REALLY like to touch things and eat things.

What I’ll change:

This was a frequent topic, and I think the only change will be adding a
new sign. It’ll be on top of the stack of books and will read “Free
signing by the author A. P. Goodman.”

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